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 My time in Women's CEO Inner Circle with Dr. Amy Rucker has been exactly what I needed to go from idea to implementation for my business. The things that she has taught have been invaluable. I have been able to make plans and execute them in my business because of her mentorship. She has a real desire to see women succeed not just in business, but in life. She has been such a source and a wealth of wisdom. From helping me to set a plan/timeline to launch, to helping me find the confidence to explore my own talents and gifts. Dr. Amy has been instrumental in my learning how to turn my passion into profit. If you get the opportunity to join her mentorship program, don’t hesitate, make the leap!

~Leslie Lowery

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This community has helped me in more ways than one. I was looking for a community that provided real value and content to help me further my company and increase my wealth. I have found just that. 

~Carole Jackson 

A Little More About Me

Hey There, I am Dr. Amy!!!! I m excited you found this page. I will love to be your mentor, coach, your prayer warrior, midwife, and accountability partner because everybody needs somebody to give them a hand up, not a handout and support along the way. For now, A little more about me. 

When I first started in business and ministry, I didn't have much guidance. So I did like most people would do, Google, watch a bunch of YouTube videos, or attended webinars that only provided minimal to no real results. I even sought out mentors and it never panned out.

On my journey, I only desired one person to see my potential or believe in me, but that never happened. I became frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged. I began to doubt myself and believe that maybe I wasn't called to ministry let alone this entrepreneurial stuff after all. 

However, I knew if no one would believe in me, that I would believe in myself. With consistency and hard work, I hit BIG. God showed Himself faithful. Now I have cracked the code to walking in God's Kingdom Blueprint for my life as a believer. I speak all over the world, make money in my sleep, live the lifestyle I desire, and get a chance t to teach others like yourself to do the same thing. I would love to be a part of your journey and see where God takes us.

I hope to see you on the other side and we can walk this thing out together. 

Let's Get Started
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Growth Opportunities

Join our community and get access to tremendous opportunities, like speaking, teaching, features, and more. Get the content to help you go from confusion to clarity. Get the steps, strategy, and structure you need to GROW! It's time to take you from IDEA to IMPLEMENTATION to INCOME

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Live Trainings & Workshops

Join us for our exclusive training and workshops guaranteed to help you expand and evolve Spiritually, Mentally,  Financially, and entrepreneurially. 

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Exclusive Membership Features 

 Join the ONLY membership program that gets YOU connected to a powerful sisterhood , shows you the latest marketing tools to easily implement weekly and gives you monthly, live, virtual masterclasses with like-mind women so that YOU can fast track your business or brand this year and increase revenue and profits!

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Mentality Makeover Sessions

Do you ever feel like you are not who you once were, but you not who you know you are called to be?

That is usual because we hit a barrier an we find ourselves feeling STUCK.... We are stuck in 

  • Old Habits
  • Old Thought Processes
  • Old Environments 

That's because we need a "MENTAL MAKOVER"!! Everything start's in the mind. Before you can have the abundant life you must first believe that you can have it. Then, you must believe you deserve it. One of the major barriers I see in people that in the place called "STUCK" is limited belief and the battle of the mind. New cars, new houses, New ... New... New... New things won't give you new experiences until you get a New MINDSET!!  

This course will help you get over the place called STUCK!!! 

Walk away from this course knowing how to coach yourself through procrastination, resistance, self sabotage, fear, worry, confusion, doubt, overwhelm + the list goes on!

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This is a once in a lifetime chance to literally "steal" all my resources and strategies, to connect with amazing like-minded coaches, and to get professional feedback on your efforts.  This membership for $10/mon is available for a limited amount of time.