7 Mistakes To Avoid After the Act of Infidelity

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2020


Most people think that every act of infidelity leads to a break-up. While it is still the leading cause of divorce and break-up, 80% of couples actually stay together. Infidelity is no slap on the risk. It is one of the ultimate betrayals in a relationship. It is a pain that is unimaginable and that can take years to heal. This kind of disappointment leaves wounds that can reach the soul. When Infidelity hits a relationship, there is a tearing like that of a thousand stabbing knives. Words cannot describe the sting of it. Betrayal, abandonment, rejection, hurt, pain, guilt, shame, deceit, and more are just a few of the emotions that erupt, stopping a person dead in their tracks. Leaving them feeling numb, paralyzed, and confused.

However, a relationship can recover after infidelity, but most people never successfully recover because they refuse to put in the work it will take after the act!!

So, let me share some things to avoid in order to save your relationship. 


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